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Super Bheem Trayodash Ki Kahaani Movie Hindi 1080p VootKids

 ⚡⚡ToonsWood & AtozCartoons⚡⚡

Name :- Super Bheem Trayodash Ki Kahaani

Release Year :- 2016

Quality :- 1080p

Duration :- 56 Minutes

Language :- Hindi

OTT :- VootKids

Credit :- TheDNK❤️

Encoder :- Vivek Darji

Summary :- Paradise was a land of happiness, youth and beauty until Zatak, arrived. His curse has turned everyone into statues and if their chosen warrior loses to fight Zatak's powerful Black Horse again, Paradise will be lost forever. Sky Dragon has chosen Bheem as the warrior. The Zodiac King is impressed with the fights. In the final face-off with the Black Horse, Bheem pulls off an amazing trick, defeating not only the horse, but also Zatak.

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