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Chhota Bheem And The Rise Of Damyaan Movie VootKids 1080p Hindi

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Name :- Chhota Bheem And The Rise Of Damyaan

Quality :- 1080p

Duration :- 

Size :- 1.2GB

Language :- Hindi

OTT :- VootKids

Credit :- TheDNK❤️

Summary :- Prof Dhoomketu is on a search of a special mineral rock is being helped by Bheem & friends. Dhuni Baba told that Dhoomketu can find the mineral rock known as Asimkann at Sonapur. So everyone sets off for Sonapur. The citizens of Sonapur welcomes Bheem & friends. Bheem has helped Guru Shambhu, the current ruler of Sonapur and saved the city from the clutches of the evil Damyaan. Suddenly the machine he had built starts beeping. Dhoomketu realizes it as an indicator of the location of Asimkann. As soon as Bheem, friends and Guru Shambhu catch up, the machine loses control and shoots a ray & everyone is disappeared. Dhoomketu sees that the machine is looping back in time and hopes that Bheem can set things right and in time. Suddenly, Bheem and friends land into the middle of a test for students under the great sage Asim. They come across Damu, who carries toy warriors and Shambhu.

The sage Asim sets an impossible task for the aspiring disciples. Damu & Shambhu are paired together as are Bheem/Chutki, Raju/Jaggu, and Kaalia/twins. Amongst all, Bheem and Chutki complete the task- wowing Asim. The kids are welcomed by Asim to his tutelage. Chutki notices the birthmark on Shambhu’s arm is in the same spot as Guru Shambhu. Bheem & kids realize that they have traveled back in time and Shambhu is Guru Shambhu in his youth. They meet Skandi who is Damu’s cousin who failed the task. Only Damu struggles with Asim's training. To impress Asim, Damu reads taboo spellbooks. Asim is worried as the next day he has to travel and through his vision realizes that Asimkann may be used by a villainous force. So he takes strong protective spells about the Asimkann and warns none to approach it. He mentions that only one with a pure heart can approach it without repercussions. Damu has a plan to trap the kids and snatch the Asimkann. So he acts as if he is worried. Damu says that Bheem can get to the Asimkann as he has a pure heart. Bheem rushes in and sees Skandi & Shambhu trapped in a magical whirlwind. Damu urges Bheem to twist the Asimkann. Damu shifts in character using a taboo spell attacks Bheem and snatches the Asimkann.

Everything is sensed by Sage Asim telepathically who rushes back. Damu utters a hissing taboo spell & disappears. Bheem’s friends run up who are shocked to see four concentric magic weapons appear that start destroying the Ashram. Asim is shocked to see that Damu- transformed to Damyaan! Damyaan turns the toy warriors into Kaalsainiks & Skandi joins too. Bheem with the help of Asim makes Damyaan suck into a vortex along with Skandi and his Kaalsainiks. Asim informs everyone that Damyaan will now be lost for years till he figures a way out of the vortex with his powers. Asim crushes the last bit of Asimkann and scatters it over their palms. Bheem and friends return to see Dhoomketu sit on the sand in the desert. He is happy to see Sonapur and Guru Shambhu return to normal. Dhoomketu realizes that Asimkann rock no longer there and everyone heads to the palace. Then there is a pinpoint glow as Damyaan that had got lost, starts to form.


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