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Chhota Bheem Aur Arazim Ka Raaz Movie In Hindi

Name :- Chhota Bheem Aur Arazim Ka Raaz
Release Year :- 2021
Quality :- 1080p

Duration :- 1 Hour 4 Minutes
Language :- Hindi
Size :- 1.2GB
Credit :- DusIc TV
Encoder :- Vivek Darji
MOVIE SUMMARY :- Find out how Bheem & friends along with Captain Chacha head towards a dangerous section of the sea. Suddenly, they receive a distressed call to get captured by Marsak & Arazim. Later, why Arazim imprisons Marsak as well and seizes control over his fleet. He weaponizes them and sets out to destroy the world, starting from Dholakpur. Realizing his mistake, Marsak informs Bheem about Arazim’s plan but realizes that they were stuck in the middle of the sea. Hence, Marsak tells Bheem about a magical forge which he can use to make any craft that he wanted. Marsak also informs him about the forge being protected by a magical creature that doesn’t trust humans. Bheem with his courage & empathy convinces the creature and uses the forge to make a magical plane. Thereafter, they head towards Dholakpur, where Zimbara disguised as Arazim had captured the villagers and was about to demolish the palace. Finally, Bheem and the gang arrive and defeat Zimbara. Once again Bheem saves the Dholakpur!


  1. thank u so much bro plz chhota bheem nawadir ke shehzade movie be 1080p mai upload krdo plz plz plz

    1. Bro Dheere Dheere Sabhi Movies Upload Kar Denge
      Wait Karo....

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  2. bro ab iske baad upload karna chhota bheem aur kaal sura ka jadui jaal 1080p me plz plz plz

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